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My professional career is diverse and multifaceted.

While studying the viola with professors Jörg Heyer, Wolfram
Christ and Thomas Riebl, I was fortunate to be able to play in
string quartets on a regular basis, first in the Antonio Quartet,
then later in the Mandelring Quartet. Playing in a quartet gave
me great inspiration, as did my work with chamber musicians
(Sandor Vegh, members of the Amadeus Quartet, the Alban Berg Quartet, Hubert Buchberger, and many more), and also my collaboration with composers (Berthold Goldschmidt, György
Ligeti, Hans-Jürgen von Bose and many more).

Being a member of the Mandelring Quartet enabled me
to experience the very multifaceted life of a string quartet player:
our group competition successes (winner of the ARD competition
and the Evian String Quartet Competition), giving concerts,
travelling, recording CDs, broadcasting on radio and TV, playing
at festivals as well as many interesting encounters with musicians
and composers.

Since leaving the Mandelring Quartet I have continued my active career as a performer: first as a quintet player for the Mandelring Quartet and the Auryn Quartet, but now primarily in the "duosono" (since 1994) with pianist Joachim Wagenhäuser, and as a member of the BeGNM Ensemble.

I sometimes work as a freelancer orchestral player: during my studies I played with the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra, these days with the Wuppertal Symphony Orchestra and the Radio Symphony Orchestra Frankfurt.

My regular activity is teaching the viola. I have also been invited to work with various youth and student orchestras such as the jeunesse orchestra camp in Austria.

Since 2001 I have used the principles of dispokinesis in my work with musicians.

My desire to develop a shoulder rest which can be so individually customised as to offer genuine support, developed from this work. I experience myself the freedom I have gained in holding my instrument, the fine-motoric fingerwork which becomes possible and the possibilities of musical expression, unimpeded by the issue of posture.

I have been a member of the German Society for Music Physiology and Music Medicine (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Musikphysiologie und Musikermedizin) since 2009.

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